Tuesday, November 03, 2009

#76. Mathematics Subject Classification 2010

I ignore whether the 2010 revision of the MSC codes of the American Mathematical Society and the European Mathematical Society has already `officially' superseded the 2000 version. Providing MSC codes for a paper is needed when submitting to some mathematical journals, and they are also used in Mathematical Reviews.

Whether you are an author or a reviewer, you may be interested in the following new codes:

60A86 Fuzzy probability
62A86 Fuzzy analysis in statistics
62B86 Fuzziness, sufficiency, and information
62C86 Decision theory and fuzziness
62E86 Fuzziness in connection with the topics on distributions in this section [i.e. 62E Distribution theory]
62F86 Parametric inference and fuzziness
62G86 Nonparametric inference and fuzziness
62H86 Multivariate analysis and fuzziness
62J86 Fuzziness, and linear inference and regression
62K86 Fuzziness and design of experiments
62L86 Fuzziness and sequential methods
62M86 Inference from stochastic processes and fuzziness
62N86 Fuzziness, and survival analysis and censored data

As you may see, there is a whole new transversal `86' category, which is good because fuzzy + stat papers were being inaccurately labelled 99% of the time (the closest niche for a paper on fuzzy random variables was 60D05 "Geometric probability and stochastic geometry", enough said).

The MSC2010 can be found here.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pedro, thank you for this valuable information.

It is very encouraging to realize that papers on Statistics or Probability either concerning fuzzy-valued data or involving fuzzy tools have now an MSC code to be assigned. This means both a kind of recognition and a strong support to the assertion by Professor Zadeh "Probability and Fuzzy Set Theories are complementary rather than competitive..."

Thank you also for this blog!


Maria Angeles

12/24/2009 11:52 PM  

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