Thursday, May 10, 2012

#103. Workshop at Mieres (Spain)

Unfortunately this blog has been quite abandoned for some months. This info may arrive very late, but I just learnt yesterday that a workshop on the topic Harnessing the information contained in low-quality data sources will take place on May 16-17th at the European Center for Soft Computing in Mieres (Spain). The organizers are Inés Couso and Luciano Sánchez. More detailed information can be found at the link above. There will be at least two on-topic talks: Ana Colubi: Statistical methods for random fuzzy sets: Theory and applications (50’ + 30’ discussion) Eyke Hullermeier: Learning from Imprecise Data: On the Notion of Data Disambiguation (50’ + 30’ discussion) The other main speakers are Didier Dubois, Thierry Denoeux, James Keller, Christian Borgelt and Serafín Moral.


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