Friday, September 24, 2010

#94. New survey paper by Hans-Jürgen Zimmermann

Hans-Jürgen Zimmermann (2010). Fuzzy set theory. Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Computational Statistics 2, 317–332.

This is a basic overview of fuzzy sets for a `foreign' readership. The contents covered are:

-History [strikingly, it finishes in 1992 with the genetic-neuro-fuzzy thing]
-Basic Definitions and Operations
-The Extension Principle
-Fuzzy Relations and Graphs
-Fuzzy Analysis
-Empirical Evidence
-Fuzzy Logic, Approximate Reasoning, and Plausible Reasoning
-Fuzzy Rule-Based Systems (Fuzzy Expert Systems and Fuzzy Control)
-Fuzzy Data Mining
-Fuzzy Decisions
-Fuzzy Optimization

Most of the material can be routinely found in textbook form. Although published in a statistical collection, no effort seems to have been made to craft the text for an audience of statisticians (in particular, the existence of a solid theory of fuzzy random variables isn't even mentioned).

(Note: According to the Wiley website, free access to the Interdisciplinary Reviews will be discontinued in the future. If you find it has been, please leave a comment and I'll remove the link.)


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