Wednesday, February 24, 2010

#87. Old paper by Dubois, Foulloy, Mauris and Prade

As you (may) know, the purpose of this blog is to link to material available for free in the Internet, so papers available only on a pay-a-third-party basis are not talked about (let me note, as an aside, that I fail to understand why Elsevier or whoever may charge somebody with $35 for a PDF file of my paper, of which I will see $0).

Often that means I spend years waiting till somebody uploads an interesting paper.

Didier Dubois, Laurent Foulloy, Gilles Mauris, Henri Prade (2004). Probability-possibility transformations, triangular fuzzy sets,
and probabilistic inequalities
. Reliable Computing 10, 273–297.

This is a paper on probability-possibility transformation. It relates triangular fuzzy sets with certain families of probabilities. Although the results have still a tentative nature, it's clear the authors hit something solid with this one. Moreover, the research is carefully justified (as usual in a Dubois-Prade paper).

Further work has been made in the meantime, but still a significant paper.


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