Friday, December 11, 2009

#82. Old paper by Stephan Morgenthaler

A very interesting survey paper on robust methods, followed by some equally interesting discussions. The survey is highly non-technical and so almost everybody makes insightful remarks, which is very nice to the foreigner.

Stephan Morgenthaler (2007). A survey of robust statistics. Statistical Methods and Applications 15, 271-293.

Here is the list of discussants:
1. Anthony C. Atkinson, Marco Riani and Andrea Cerioli
2. Christophe Croux and Peter Filzmoser
3. Laurie Davies and Ursula Gather
4. Ricardo A. Maronna and Víctor J. Yohai
5. Hannu Oja and Frank Critchley
6. Daniel Peña
7. Peter J. Rousseeuw and Stefan Van Aelst

Filzmoser will be giving one of the plenary lectures at the SMPS 2010, on Soft methods in robust statistics.o


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