Friday, December 04, 2009

#81. Old papers by Efron and Liang

In lack of good fuzzy papers* on microarray data and other biology challenges in the frontier of current statistical ability, here you are two non-fuzzy papers.

Bradley Efron (2008). Microarrays, empirical Bayes and the two-groups model. Statistical Science 23, 1-22.

Yulan Liang (2008). Statistical advances and challenges for analyzing correlated high dimensional SNP data in genomic study for complex diseases. Statistics Surveys 2, 43-60.

If you are a curious graduate student, please note: It is much more likely that mainstream statisticians will come to welcome fuzziness if used to solve problems they still don't have good solutions to, than if used to solve problems they think they already solved half a century ago.

*Meaning that my few expeditions have been unfruitful, not that there do not exist any. Feel free to make suggestions in the comments.


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