Friday, March 12, 2010

#89. Books by David Fremlin at

David Fremlin is a well-known measure theorist who has written and (I guess) self-published a six-volume treatise in (of course) Measure Theory. I have always felt that he deserves some special recognition, since his prices are really much smaller than those of any commercial publisher and he needn't undergo the burden of taking care of our not paying unreasonable amounts of money for his work.

So I'd like to take the excuse that I've randomly found him selling at to help promote his treatise. (I usually do so by citing him instead of another M.T. book, even if once a journal editor tried to persuade me to drop the citation on the basis that "Torres Fremlin, who knows that publisher?") is a print-on-demand publishing service. You can find some volumes of Fremlin's treatise there. As you will see, Fremlin's prices are astonishingly low for scientific books.

But this is not just a series of cheap thick books: I've always been fully satisfied by its value as a reference work.


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